The Mercedes-Benz design team has seemingly taken a sharp turn in the styling of the EQS. But will it be enough to silence the criticism, or boost sales?

Enhanced Powertrain and Range

Mercedes-Benz is gearing up to launch the 2025 EQS, featuring significant improvements under the skin. Most notable is the addition of a larger 118-kWh battery, up from the previous 108-kWh unit. This enhancement promises to offer an extended driving range, although specific figures are yet to be disclosed. Additionally, advancements in regenerative braking software contribute to more efficient energy recovery, potentially increasing the overall range of the vehicle.

Refined Exterior Design

The 2025 EQS showcases a… different… exterior design, incorporating elements reminiscent of Mercedes-Benz’s iconic S-Class. Notably, the front fascia receives a makeover with a redesigned faux grille, featuring horizontal chrome slats, aligning more closely with the brand’s traditional styling cues. The addition of a standing hood ornament further enhances that vision, providing a nod to classic luxury design elements.

Interior Updates

The cabin boasts extra chrome accents. Rear comfort has been significantly enhanced with additional foam padding in the backrests, coupled with electronic adjustments that allow for varying degrees of recline. Furthermore, an Executive Interior Package offers premium amenities such as pneumatic seat adjustments and heating features, ensuring a first-class riding experience.

Addressing Previous Criticisms

The original EQS faced criticism for its unconventional design and perceived lack of luxury compared to traditional Mercedes-Benz models. However, with the 2025 facelift, the brand aims to address these concerns head-on. By incorporating a more traditional front end look and refining the rear seating experience, Mercedes-Benz seeks to appeal to a broader audience, including long-time brand enthusiasts. 

Despite those efforts, many are also critical of the facelifted model’s aesthetics. 

Future Prospects and Expectations

While the 2025 EQS brings notable improvements, Mercedes-Benz hints at even more substantial updates in the pipeline for future iterations. Camouflaged prototypes suggest forthcoming changes to the exterior, including redesigned headlights and fascia designs. Moreover, speculation regarding mechanical enhancements, such as a more efficient battery cell design and new motor configurations, underscores the brand’s commitment to advancing electric vehicle technology.

Market Impact and Pricing Considerations

With the 2025 EQS set to hit the U.S. market later in 2024, anticipation grows regarding its reception among consumers. Despite its enhanced features, pricing details are yet to be announced. However, concerns over depreciation rates raise questions about the vehicle’s long-term value proposition, prompting potential buyers to consider alternative purchasing strategies, such as opting for pre-owned models to mitigate initial costs.

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