Dealerships are reporting the 2025 Ram 1500 On Board Power System is delayed without any update on timing.

For those shopping for a new 2025 Ram 1500, like I am with the RHO I ordered, this isn’t great news.

2025 Ram 1500 On Board Power System delayed

The Onboard Power System, a $995 option, provides up to 2kW of power to the bed outlets by using a 240-Amp Alternator and inverter. It provides two 110-volt outlets.

This is a much larger increase over the 115-Volt/400-Watt found on many trims of the truck.

The additional power from the On Board Power System means you can do things like cut a 2×4 with a compound miter saw. The lower power outlet doesn’t have enough power to do that as I demonstrated in a video years ago.

One of our viewers shared this message he got from a Ram dealer ordering screen:

“Unavailable at this time – removed from the other trims as well. The Onboard Power System (XBH) is not ready to launch. The revised introduction timing for XBH is being reviewed. Please contact your Sales Area Manager for more information.”

It was also missing from my order and I didn’t realize it until viewers pointed it out. This makes at least two dealers who are saying it is delayed with viewers commenting on the YouTube channel about their dealers saying the same thing.

The addition of onboard power systems is great for making a truck that much more useful. I used it on the 2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost I had years ago many times.

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