We’ve seen the all-new second-generation Mercedes EQC undergoing testing before, getting into fighting shape to take on premium electric SUVs like the forthcoming Audi Q6 e-tron and BMW’s ‘Neue Klasse’ SUV. But this time we’ve spotted the AMG-tuned version, which will probably try to give the all-electric Porsche Macan a run for its money.

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The current Mercedes EQC was the first unique, mass-produced all-electric model developed by Mercedes when it launched in 2019. It was a trailblazer but it came with certain compromises in terms of range and efficiency, and is now overshadowed by newer rivals. Yet the EQC has proven to be popular, making this all-new version that much more important to get right. 

Designed to sit alongside the petrol-powered GLC, the EQC will actually share very little with its combustion engined sibling and instead make the move to a totally bespoke EV chassis. We’re all but certain this will be Mercedes’ new MB.EA architecture that’s due to be put into production in 2025, and serve as the backbone of much of Mercedes’ future EV line-up.

The modular MB.EA platform will give the new EQC a much more efficient base to work from compared to the first generation model, and allow it to use more advanced battery packs and more intelligently packaged electric motors. It’s also expected to feature an 800V electrical architecture, just like the Porsche Macan, which helps both charging and performance capabilities.

The result should be a substantial improvement on the current EQC’s 255-mile range. The current car comes with dual motors and all-wheel drive as standard, but single-motor variants may serve as the entry point to the new EQC range, as is the case with the Mercedes EQE SUV, and the recently facelifted EQA and EQB.

Much of the line-up will probably still feature dual motors, especially the hot AMG version we’ve spotted. The Mercedes-AMG EQC also features a bulging bonnet, aggressive front bumper and large ventilated brake discs that sit behind even larger rims.

AMG is sure to have made some tweaks to the chassis and lowered the ride height as well. The heavy camouflage conceals any additional styling changes, but the front end will probably feature some vertical struts to evoke the ‘Panamerica’ grille on AMG’S combustion-engined cars.

Our spy pictures of the regular second-gen Mercedes EQC show it will feature a balanced overall silhouette, keeping the windscreen relatively upright in contrast to the EQE’s short bonnet and extreme windscreen rake. While the windowline does drop sharply, the roofline only tapers gently towards the back of the car, which should benefit rear headroom.

The new EQC will also introduce a new generation of Mercedes digital interfaces and interior design, and will be optimised to seat five passengers.

We expect the new EQC will be revealed some time in early 2025, with production due to commence later that year.

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