The latest in the Alvis Continuation Series has arrived in the form of the Graber Drophead, with prices starting at £323,000

The Alvis Car Company has achieved a significant milestone by completing the build of its first Graber Drophead, which is the latest in its run of hand-built ‘Continuation Series’ cars. The stylish 3.0-litre convertible draws on Alvis’ stockpile of new-old-stock componentry to remain faithful to the original design, but is emission compliant and boasts subtle modern tweaks.

Like all six models in Alvis’ Continuation Series, the Graber Drophead has been carefully hand-built at Alvis’ Works in Kenilworth. It’s been the home of the British-owned marque since 1967, when the company stopped building cars at its original Coventry home and shifted to making parts for Alvis cars under the Red Triangle brand, as well as restoring and servicing vehicles for customers. Ther firm announced its Continuation Series in 2010, drawing on an archive of over 25,000 drawings and 23,000 car records. The Graber Drophead even uses one of Alvis’ straight-six three-litre engines, the blocks of which have been carefully stored at the Works since the move to Kenilworth 57 years ago.

With fuel injection, a 9.5:1 higher compression ratio, full electric engine management and the adoption of CNC machining to achieve tighter tolerances, Alvis’ engineers have upped power by 32 per cent to a healthy 172bhp and a potential top speed of 120mph. The lightweight aluminium bodies are hand-beaten over either traditional wooden bucks or 3D printed formers, and take over 2500 hours to form. Their light weight, combined with a five-speed manual gearbox, ensure lively acceleration.

The Connolly leather interior and three-layer hood, lined with English wool cloth, are trimmed by Alvis’ craftspeople in the Works. Before delivery, each car undergoes a thorough road test that features elements of Alvis’ test routes around Warwickshire, which it has relied on since the 1920s.

This set to be a record year for Alvis, with three all-new cars destined to leave the Works bound for Japan, where the brand enjoys an enthusiastic following and respected company Meiji Sangyo acts as its distributor. Alongside two Graber Dropheads, the first Continuation Series pre-war Lancefield will also be destined for a Far East customer.

Like all of Alvis’ pre- and post-war Continuation Series cars, the Graber Drophead can be enjoyed on the road, with owners able to benefit from further subtle improvements such as power steering, air conditioning and upgraded brakes.

“The all-aluminum bodywork looks stunning up close, the engine runs faultlessly and the handcrafted interior is both comfortable and stylish,” explains Alan Stote, owner of The Alvis Car Company. “As a complete package, this Graber serves as a reminder that our manufacturing processes, which haven’t changed at Alvis since the early 20th century, still produce a product of the highest quality. And unlike so many continuation cars, we have ensured this can be enjoyed on the road.”

Prices start at £295,000 for pre-war Continuation Series cars with the Graber Super Coupé starting at £323,000, including a three-year warranty.

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