Did you know Phoenix is an AMC town? One of the most famous American Motors dealerships in America was Randall Rambler, the place that dropped 401s into Gremlins and created a legend. Many other AMC legends converged at the Martin Auto Museum in northwest Phoenix to display their automotive patriotism.

This is the Playboy Playmate 1968 AMX.

Of course, Javelins and AMXs made a strong showing, but we also had Rambler Americans and several Jeep products. No Rebels and Ambassadors? Last year we caught a few, but we didn’t see any this year. Ditto Nash and Hudson products. Nonetheless, enjoy the pics of the cars from Kenosha.

  • 1965 Rambler American 220 wagon
  • 1972 Javelin
  • 1972 Javelin AMX
  • 1970 Gremlin
  • Mark Fletcher’s 1970 AMX under resto
  • 1970 and 1969 AMXs
  • Red leather was an option for the 1970 AMX
  • 1969 Rambler SC/Rambler
  • 1969 AMX
  • 1969 AMX
  • 1967 Rambler Rogue convertible
  • Rambler Marlin
  • Original Levis interior from a Gremlin
  • 1972 Javelin

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