Grading their own homework, AMG ONE team gives themselves a hefty pat on the back.

We’ve talked about the AMG ONE a lot here on MBWorld. And as we’re folks with skin in the game (yours truly has an C209, W164 and W105) you’d think we’d be quite enthusiastic about the ONE. But the problem is, we find ourselves being a bit critical of it now.

Now many years after its debut and announcement, the AMG ONE has had a few cars delivered, and has the Nurburgring lap time record for production cars. But is the fizzle for this car finally out? Mercedes doesn’t think so. They have just released a new video in which Mercedes feels the F1 powered car is the most important car since the Patentwagon.

AMG ONE Engineers Tout 'Truly Exceptional' Technical Complexity

A deep-dive video into the AMG ONE’s powertrain – two years after it’s debut – seems almost a bit desperate. We know that the power unit is derived from Formula 1 technology. We know that it is hard to make an “F1 engine” work in the real world with normal drivers in normal conditions. That was cool in 2022, when Mercedes was an unstoppable force in Formula 1. As of now? Mercedes are in 4th place in constructors standings. Behind McLaren Mercedes, who are apparently doing better with Mercedes engines than Mercedes. Oops.

AMG ONE Engineers Tout 'Truly Exceptional' Technical Complexity

The Formula 1 tie-in blunders continue. Out of all the drivers they could have picked, they got a F1 driver endorsement from David Coulthard? “I feel like a grand prix driver again,” he claims. Really? It’s fast, but it’s not that fast. Plus he’s very truly part of Red Bull’s current camp, and drove for Williams and McLaren Mercedes… There’s that name again. To be fair, they can’t bank on Hamilton quite like they did before, because he’s wearing red soon. Maybe Russel was busy, or something.

We all marvel and wonder at the tech behind the car, but this car just isn’t news any more. It has accomplished everything it needs to accomplish. Unless there’s a new evolution of the car to come about. But that’s not happening any time soon. Call us cynical, but maybe AMG should let this ONE play out.

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