Do you get the impression that car colors today are boring? So many whites, blacks, silvers, and grays litter our parking lots. What we need is a dose of dye to liven up our lives so, for this episode of AutoHunter’s Drive the Bid Podcast, Derek Shiekhi and I each created a color, named it, and applied it to a particular car – we did that three times! Will you like our hues? Only way to find out is to watch the below podcast.

Also high on the fun scale was Derek’s meme on muscle truck drivers and their poor driving habits.

For news, we discussed the recently announced TWR Supercat, somewhat of a Singer-influenced take on the Jaguar XJS. This car will be built by TWR, which stands for Tom Walkinshaw Racing, a team and engineering company that has had success in Le Mans as well as being instrumental in the creation of the XJ220 supercar.

Of course, there’s our AutoHunter picks, which include a five-speed 1993 GMC Yukon SLE 4×4, 427-powered 1965 Factory Five Racing Type 65 coupe, a one-owner 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL500, and 1965 Chevrolet C10 pickup.

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