• Upmarket interior
  • Good to drive
  • £222 a month

Mazda’s first foray into the all-electric car market, the MX-30 showed the Japanese manufacturer’s usual commitment to doing things its own way. As a result the MX-30 EV really stands out in a competitive sector. This deal we found on leasing.com has made Mazda’s little electric car more appealing than ever.

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Mazda’s MX-30 might be a bit of a left-field alternative to the usual all-electric small SUV choices, but it comes with plenty of charm. For just £222 a month it makes sense financially, too, on this personal contract hire agreement. This deal is based over a four-year period with an initial payment of £2,005. The mileage allowance is a little more generous than usual at 6,000 miles a year, but if you increase this to 10,000 miles you’ll pay an extra £23 a month. 

We’d recommend thinking long and hard about extending that mileage allowance, because while the MX-30 is great to drive, its 124-mile range lets it down a tad. If you’re not doing many miles, the Mazda is a superb choice. 

Not only does it stand out visually among its rivals, the MX-30’s interior is deeply impressive for a car of this class. A mixture of fabric, leather and even a cork centre console all help deliver a premium feel inside. Of course, being a Mazda it’s very well screwed together as well. 

The infotainment screen on the top of the dash is operated by the dial on the console – which is a refreshing experience compared to struggling with touchscreens. A real party piece are the rear-hinged rear doors (like those on the old RX-8) – perfect if you want to make a bold entrance. They make access relatively easy but rear seat space is not particularly generous for the class. 

On the road the MX-30 EV is wonderfully quiet and soaks up imperfections in the surface better than many of its peers. The engaging driving dynamics we’ve come to expect from Mazdas are evident in the responsive steering and tight overall body control, too. 

This is the Prime Line trim level and it’s pretty well-equipped with adaptive cruise control, a reversing camera, lane keep assist, a dedicated screen for the climate controls, LED lights front and rear, plus 18-inch alloy wheels.  

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