• The Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed is a concept car that offers a preview of the Mercedes-Benz Mythos series’ first model.
  • The concept car’s design references the signature look of iconic racing cars.

Debut of Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed

Recently, the Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed made its world premiere on a floating pontoon in the harbor of Monaco. The vehicle held its prestigious debut against the backdrop of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell notably graced the special event as the three-pointed star marque’s ambassadors.

Mercedes described the PureSpeed concept car as exciting, energizing, and breathtaking. It is a completely open, two-seater performance car with a roof or windscreen to pay homage to the early days of motor racing.

According to Michael Schiebe, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH and Head of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class & Mercedes-Maybach divisions, “The Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed offers a glimpse of what is probably the most direct way to experience performance and driving pleasure. It’s a unique driving experience that you won’t find anywhere else.”

“It is radically open, with neither a roof nor a windscreen separating the two passengers from the elements. You can experience light, air, and passion unfiltered with all your senses,” he added.

A Celebration of Tradition

The Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed celebrates Mercedes-Benz’s unique tradition with pure and uncompromising race-car design, innovative materials, and modern technology. The series is only limited to 250 units to maintain its sense of exclusivity. So, it will only be available to the brand’s most dedicated fans and collectors.

Inspired by legendary race cars, the combination of racing aesthetics and dynamic performance makes the Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed a unique driving machine for connoisseurs. The vehicle features a HALO system that replaces the conventional A-pillar, offering enhanced safety and giving away an F1 vibe.

Inspired by the Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar

AMG derived the design of the Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed from the distinct features of the Mercedes-AMG ONE hypercar. AMG One is a limited-edition performance car with an extremely low silhouette launched in 2022.

The AMG One hypercar inspired many of PureSpeed’s design elements, such as technical details like the sharply cut visible carbon fiber parts in the lower section of the vehicle. In addition to the improvement in the auto’s drag, these provide a strong contrast to the sensual, rounded shapes of the upper part of the vehicle.

The wheels’ styling is a standout feature. AMG fitted them with unique carbon fiber cladding on the front and rear wheel covers to optimize aerodynamics. Meanwhile, the long bonnet and the very low front end with a pronounced “shark nose” give it a distinctive sports car look.

Additionally, the concept car pays homage to legendary Mercedes models with design details such as the flying buttresses behind the seats.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed blends form and function to produce a visual masterpiece. It is an exciting and exclusive addition to Mercedes-AMG’s top segment, combining cutting-edge design and performance with a rich motorsport heritage.

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