An ongoing lawsuit pits Duramax diesel truck owners against General Motors and Bosch. They say GM used defeat devices to back up their clean diesel claims.

This case, explained in depth in the video, is pretty complex. It boils down to the question about EPA guidelines for emissions, GM’s claims of a clean diesel in the Chevy Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD, and whether consumers have the right to sue automakers over what they perceive as false claims.

There is also an explanation of so-called defeat devices commonly used in the industry to reduce the amount of diesel exhaust fluid used in the Selective Catalytic Reduction system. This practice of not filling up the catalyst or de-rating it can create more nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in certain driving situations.

Currently, judges have ruled the owners can’t sue GM over their concerns about emitting more pollution than GM advertised, the owners are appealing that decision. Judges have said through the Clean Air Act, the owners have no standing.

There are several references to the VW diesel gate of years past where that company was caught cheating and paid out billions in damages.

Finally, it raises the question on whether GM cheated at all. They followed the EPA guidelines, however, real-world emissions data shows the Duramax diesel trucks emit far more pollution than what is allowed.

Grab a cup of coffee. This is an interesting topic.

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