The Volvo EX90 has just entered production in Charleston, South Carolina, and will likely begin reaching American customers next month.

You’re probably acquainted with its specifications, features and how it fits your budget. So, let’s skip the usual rundown and dive into the lesser-known or under-the-radar attributes of the new Volvo electric car that might just surprise you! I experienced/observed these features first-hand recently in Washington, and here’s what I can report back:

Not shaped like a potato

Volvo EX90 side view shape
The ‘standard’ greenhouse also ensures ample headroom for the three rows of seats, and I love this old school design approach!

Here’s something many of you have seen, and perhaps not observed. There’s a design trend that is emerging on new-age electric SUVs – A-Pillars that are pulled forwards, and the roofline that slopes downwards to make the silhouette curvy and aerodynamic. This makes the car’s profile look like a jellybean or a potato. While the Swedish designers may have been tempted to drop the roofline a couple of inches for higher aero efficiency, they’ve maintained a clean and recognizable design in the EX90.

A ‘shutter’ that conceals the headlamp

Volvo EX90 front three quarter live imageVolvo EX90 front three quarter live image

I have to give it to Volvo designers for reinventing the ‘Thor’s hammer’ headlamp for the EV generation. I feel that this is the most creative design or redesign for automotive lighting among luxury models. This is a really cool feature on the EX90 which is what pop-up headlamps see themselves becoming when they time travel! The ‘Thor hammer’ shaped LED modules retract to reveal the matrix LED headlamp that sits behind it when the driver switches on the headlights.

Widest tire ever in a Volvo car

Volvo EX90 tire wheelVolvo EX90 tire wheel
The wheels come with black splats that enhance the aerodynamics of the EX90. This is another first for a production Volvo car.

The Volvo EX90 is hoisted on 22-inch wheels (265/40 R22 & 295/40 R22 at the front and rear respectively) which I believe would make the EX90 the Volvo with the widest tire in the United States. Should you know of a Volvo with larger stock wheels, send us a tweet!

Seats made from recycled bottles

Volvo EX90 seat cover teaserVolvo EX90 seat cover teaser
Image: Volvo Cars

The interior of the Volvo EX90 has about 50 kg (110 lbs) of recycled plastics and bio-based materials in the seats and fabrics. Volvo also says that the EX90’s cabin uses recycled PET bottles, and that the electric SUV has the highest amount of non-primary fossil-based materials in its portfolio. Volvo offers wool and wood in the cabin, but says that they are sourced with strict sustainability standards.

Electrically-adjustable steering column

Volvo EX90 dashboard driver sideVolvo EX90 dashboard driver side
Another incentive for nitpicking XC90 owners to switch to the Volvo EX90? Image: Volvo Cars

One of the regular complaints that I’ve heard among XC90 drivers is the manual adjustment for the steering column, which to many seems unacceptable for an SUV that costs over 80 grand. This has been fixed in the EX90, which gets the electrically-operated steering column with a memory function.

Rear seat with integrated booster

If you’re new to Volvo, then you probably missed noting this feature. The Volvo EX90, like the gas-powered XC90, comes with integrated booster in the middle of the second row seats. The built-in booster works with the three-point seatbelt, and is for kids who’ve outgrown car seats but aren’t yet suited to the vehicle’s standard seatbelt. It certainly underscores its family car credentials with the integrated booster.

‘Will it fit’ guide on the tailgate

2024 Volvo EX90 interior dimensions2024 Volvo EX90 interior dimensions
The EX90 takes the guesswork out of cargo management. Planning my home/kitchen appliance shopping or family roadtrip will get easier with the chart on the EX90’s tailgate. Image: Volvo Cars

Before you bring out the suitcase, backpack or duffel bag, there’s a sure way of knowing what will and won’t fit in the EX90 when all the seats are up. Just look for the graphic displaying some examples of all the various items that can be loaded into the EX90 are molded right into the inside of the tailgate. From skis, strollers and golf clubs to household appliances, this chart proves the model’s impressive loading capacity, and reduces packing woes.

Boot that lowers

Volvo EX90 tailgateVolvo EX90 tailgate

Thanks to adaptive air suspension, the loading lip in the cargo area of the Volvo EX90 can be lowered to help load bulky items. I press the conveniently placed car button with the arrow mark positioned on the right hand side boot sidewall, and the car automatically lowers a few inches to facilitate loading.

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