The feature I miss most on late-model cars is the lack of hidden headlights. They can be found on exotics and regular vehicles alike, and there’s probably been 10 different design types in the strata of automobiles. No matter their operation, hidden headlights are the topic for this week’s AutoHunter Drive The Bid Podcast as Derek Shiekhi and I discuss different cars with this feature. They gained popularity in the 1960s, but they first appeared on the dreamy 1936 Cord 810.

Cadillac was on our news radar because Car and Driver recently took a peek at the process of ordering and building the Cadillac Celestiq. The whole operation is at GM’s Tech Center in Warren, Michigan, with the car being built in the Artisan Center of the Tech Center, a location once used for building concept cars and prototypes.

Derek also whipped up two memes for your consumption. Do they hit the mark for you to share? Watch and find out.

And, of course, our AutoHunter picks: 1980 Pontiac Trans Am, 1977 Chevrolet C20 Scottsdale, and two Corvettes, one a C3 swan-song 1982 and the other a 1,316-mile 2023 Stingray.

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