It’s anyone’s dream to own a luxury car, but owning and driving one is a different story. That dream could turn into a nightmare if proper care is pushed to the sidelines. Unless it’s a collectible that should be kept on display, your car could serve more as a liability than a head-turner. Going the extra mile to keep it in the best possible condition is needed. Considering the amount of money you paid and the paperwork you signed, you will have to do your part in preserving its beauty. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Wash it regularly with the right products

Keeping your vehicle clean is a responsibility you wouldn’t want to overlook as the owner, especially if you own something as rare as a Mercedes-Benz 540 K. However, keep in mind that these vehicles deserve anything but the bare minimum. When giving your luxury car a good wash, use premium shampoos and waxes that are meant to preserve the body’s luster. Be sure the products you’re using are acid-free or you would end up with a discolored surface. To be sure, take your vehicle to a professional cleaning service every two months so it gets the treatment it deserves.

  1. Keep the interior spic and span

The body isn’t the only thing that impresses your passengers. Without proper maintenance, however, the upholstery may deteriorate and everything else will begin to lose its sophisticated feel. You can prevent this by avoiding eating, drinking, and smoking inside. Good vacuuming should also be included in your daily maintenance checklist to remove crumbs, dust, and other debris that could otherwise accumulate.

  1. Park it under the shade

No vehicle is safe from harmful UV rays, and that goes double for your luxury car, which is more likely to get damaged when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. When you need to park the vehicle, make sure it’s under a shaded area. You can also conceal it in a full car cover that’s designed to withstand not just heat but also rain and snow. Finally, make sure it’s kept in a high-security garage complete with weatherproof roofing.

  1. Know who to call

As you drive around your luxury ride, nothing can prepare you for a possible head-on collision. Consider yourself blessed if you come out of an accident unscathed, but the damage to your car would still be too much to bear. Fortunately, you can restore your vehicle’s appearance with the help of experts specializing in post-collision repair and maintenance. If you own a 997 Speedster, you should look for a Porsche body repair service that will give you your money’s worth in bringing your car back from the brink of being unusable.


Whether you own the latest Peugeot or you’re driving a classic Pontiac, keep these tips in mind so you can keep your luxury car long enough to be considered an heirloom.


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