The first-ever 2024 Mazda CX-90 not only marks Mazda’s first venture into the world of hybrid electrification — it also introduces a new paint color.

Introducing Artisan Red Premium.

This extraordinary red produced by Mazda designers, engineers and other artisans manifests a refined and sophisticated outlook, much like a fine wine.

Inspired by the multi-faceted hues of stained glass, Artisan Red Premium captures the dynamic relationship between light, shadow, and reflection. Part of the color’s appeal is that it appears to change from a vibrant red in direct sunshine to a deep burgundy in dappled shade, creating an alluring balance that is both dynamic and delicate.

An Art, and a Science

Mazda believes color to be a crucial element of what gives form to a vehicle. As a result, Mazda’s iconic paint hues are intentionally crafted to emphasize the sweeping curves of each vehicle’s design. This thoughtful connection between a vehicle’s body and paint creates a beautiful visual harmony.

This harmony is made possible by Mazda’s proprietary Takuminuri painting technology. The Takuminuri process uses a multi-layer paint technology specifically developed to create sophisticated and deeply saturated colors in a highly efficient process.

Artisan Red Premium comprises three layers: a clear layer, a translucent paint layer, and a reflective/absorptive layer — resulting in an outstanding aesthetic.

A decade of development makes the dynamic beauty of Artisan Red Premium possible. Through a combination of technologies Mazda can produce paint colors that convey brightness in highlights produced by strong reflection as well as the richness of shades created as light is soundly absorbed. The result is profound and dynamic.

Through the Takuminuri approach, Mazda brings a hand-crafted quality to mass production. From concept cars to the model in your driveway, the same level of attention and unique character is painted onto every Mazda.

A Legacy of Captivating Colors

Mazda’s blending of art and science has produced a rich history of dynamic paint colors – but red is a brand specialty, as proven by Soul Red and now Artisan Red Premium.

This new release is also a celebration of 10 years of Takuminuri evolution, releasing a decade after the first color Soul Red Premium.

Given that drivers and enthusiasts around the world deeply associate Mazda with bold red paint colors, the introduction of a new hue is approached with great care. Artisan Red Premium is no exception.

Part of what makes Mazda’s paint colors stand apart is that they are specifically designed to work with the vehicle body. Artisan Red Premium was intentionally developed to suit large platform vehicles, making it the perfect hue to debut on CX-90.

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