Color tells a story that can resonate with us in meaningful ways. Be it a place or an emotion, that visual connection is significant. When designing the first-ever 2023 Mazda CX-50, Mazda knew it needed a color all its own to help tell its story. That color is Zircon Sand Metallic.

Mazda’s Latest Custom Color

Mazda has long paid careful attention to paint, mindfully crafting colors — like the Soul Red Crystal Metallic — that interplay light and form. Now, Mazda is proud to introduce Zircon Sand Metallic.

All-new and introduced in the US with the 2023 Mazda CX-50, Zircon Sand Metallic is a dynamic hue designed with the outdoors in mind. As the CX-50 is specially designed to spend more time in nature, its color needs to reflect the environment.

This striking, earthy tone is tan with some yellow aspects. When combined with the reflection of blue sky, Zircon Sand Metallic can appear to have a hint of green to the human eye. Like sunlight filtering through the trees, that subtle green glimmer is a nod to the calm and wonder of time spent in nature.

The Color Story

The CX-50’s most natural surrounding is the outdoors. Zircon Sand Metallic takes inspiration from what we can find around us in nature — like the warm brownish tones in sand and rocks — creating an earthen color that perfectly fits in with its natural habitat.

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