Step into a world where mobile home meets rolling art piece, as we explore a Mercedes Sprinter-based camper van that’s a testament to ingenuity and creativity.

Unconventional Inspiration

Kirby Winson‘s Mercedes Sprinter-based camper van stands out as a unique fusion of functionality and artistic expression. Drawing inspiration from 1960s and ’70s psychedelic music, Kirby’s design creates a whimsical atmosphere that transcends conventional camper van aesthetics.

Psychedelic Interior

The interior of the van immerses occupants in a groovy ambiance, featuring asymmetrical circular windows, textured walls painted with modern limewash, and eclectic decor items like lava lamps and a spinning disco ball. Kirby’s meticulous attention to detail transforms the living space into a quirky oasis on wheels.

Space Maximization

Despite its compact size, the layout of the van is ingeniously designed to maximize functionality. From a small lounge area and central kitchen to a hidden shower and multifunctional sleeping/dining space, every inch is optimized for comfortable living on the road.

Innovative Features

The camper van boasts innovative features such as smart glass windows for privacy, a portable shower solution, and an in-built heater and air conditioner for year-round comfort. Additionally, a “Solar Sail” from Landship Customs provides ample solar power while doubling as a rooftop party deck and movie screen.

Party on Wheels

With two lounging areas, unique lighting, and smart glass windows, Kirby’s creation offers the potential for on-the-go entertainment. The versatile design caters to both practical living and spontaneous fun, making it an ideal choice for adventurous spirits.

Wizard of Conversions

Kirby’s expertise in camper van conversions shines through in this project, completed in a remarkable two-month timeframe. His blend of creativity and craftsmanship has produced a masterpiece that captivates with its charm and functionality.

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