Ever have something bad happen to you and everyone sees it? Like when you wipe out on a slippery surface? How you emerge, whether with embarrassment or aplomb, is up to you. But, if we were the owner of this Packard, we can’t imagine how we’d act, but hunches can be powerful predictors.

Canyon Lake Fire Department

Out in Canyon Lake, California, a small community in Riverside County, a gentleman parked his maroon 1939 Packard on a boat launch ramp and then prepared for photographs of the classic.

However, the man’s pride and joy started to roll down the ramp and into the lake. Twenty feet away, the car was completely submerged. Soon, security workers contacted the property owners association, who then called the fire department because, at the time, it was unknown whether anyone was inside the vehicle. Several hours later, the Packard was towed from the lake. Riverside County environmental health workers were also called to manage the clean-up as fluids may have leaked and contaminated the lake.

Canyon Lake Fire Department

It is said that the owner was “very emotional” – it doesn’t take Sherlock Hemlock (hey, Boomer, that’s a Sesame Street reference) to figure that out.

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