Mazda revealed its new China-only EZ-6, a return of the sleek four-door saloon that’ll feature either a plug-in hybrid or as an all-electric car. Developed in conjunction with Mazda’s Changan partner, the saloon might not preview a specific new model for Europe, but does give us a look into the brand’s future design direction and the sort of models we might see in the future. 

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At over 4.9m long and nearly 1.9m wide, it’s a chunk longer than something like a BMW 3 Series, which will appeal to the Chinese market’s preferences for rear seat space. All models will be rear-drive, with either a fully-electric or plug-in hybrid powertrain, borrowing tech from Changan’s Chinese models, rather than Japanese-designed Mazdas. 

Specifics about battery sizes, or the make-up of the powertrains has yet to be released, but Mazda has revealed a 372-mile range for the EV, and a massive 612 miles petrol and electric range for the plug-in. 

It’s common in China, unlike in Europe, that plug-in hybrid models have large battery sizes and therefore high pure-electric ranges. Of course, the compromise is overall efficiency and handling, but Mazda says it’s ensured the car still has some of the sharp dynamics expected of its models despite the weight of the battery. 

To this end, Mazda has confirmed the EZ-6 will have a 50-50 weight distribution and MacPherson strut front and a multi-link rear suspension design, although any potential chassis tech has yet to be confirmed. 

As is usually the case with Chinese market models, though, it’s tech, comfort and design which takes precedence. The interior is new for Mazda, with a much larger central screen than on its European and Japanese models. 

The exterior design also previews a big step change in the brand’s design language, with sharper body design elements, thin LED lights and extra textured lighting around the grille and tailgate. The boot lid even has an electronically-rising rear wing built in. 

So while there are no immediate plans to bring the Mazda EZ-6 over to Europe or the UK, this new model could preview the sort of car we could expect in the UK and Europe in the next few years. That’s because, due to the popularity of more expensive new-generation models like the CX-60 SUV in international markets, word has it that Mazda’s back on the job of developing a sleek four-door on the same rear-drive platform.

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