You’ve probably never heard of Retro-Modern Line wheels, or RML for short. But the company’s got a cool story and it makes some exceptionally tasty wheels, such as the ones we’re here to discuss: NA Mazda Miata “Daisy” wheels. The 14-inch Daisies came on the first Miata, their seven spokes evoking wheels like the eight-spoke 12-inchers on the original Mini, helping to strengthen the Miata’s connection to classic, lightweight British runabouts. The Miata’s come a long way since then, and so have its wheel choices, but the Daisies were largely left behind until now. RML has designed a modernized 15-inch, cast and flow-formed version of the original. 

That’s not cheap, but not crazy, the perfect spot for RML. The short backstory is that Brad Beardow co-founded a VW and Audi tuning company in 1996. When his partner left, Beardow decided he wanted to make wheels instead, so he started Fifteen15 wheels. That’s the same Fifteen15 spotted all over the tuner world and on Ken Block’s car, since Block used Fifteen52s for about 10 years and helped design a set of the Turbomac units. Beardow eventually decided he wanted to get into updated versions of noteworthy retro wheels, creating RML for the purpose. The first units were some gorgeous cast and and forged versions of the Snowflake wheels that came on the Mk1 VW Golf, and a similar range of the Teardrop wheels that probably made their biggest impression on the second-gen VW Scirocco. As with the Daisies, all the wheels are sold in limited numbers.

So RML knows what’s up. The new Daisies are 15 x 8, making room for stouter rubber than can be had on the old school 14 x 5.5 wheels. Cast is the only option for now, however, RML combines a cast center with a flow-formed barrel for hoops that are lighter and stronger than pure cast wheels while keeping costs down. Offset’s still being determined, but the wheels are designed for “maximum brake clearance.” And the original 14-inch center caps will fit these 15-inchers.

Pre-orders will open next month, and only 600 wheels will be made at $269 apiece. Deliveries are scheduled for summer. RML’s also been known to hold the occasional buy 3 get 1 free promotion, so keep an eye on the site if you’re interested. We figure these are worth it at full retail, so why risk missing out.

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