Mercedes-AMG is preparing an electric super SUV for 2026 as a rival to the upcoming Porsche K1 luxury electric SUV.

Photo: Mercedes-AMG

Mercedes will have three dedicated electric platforms from 2026: MB.EA for the upcoming C-Class EV/GLC EV, but also for the EQE/EQS successors, VAN.EA for vans and commercial vehicles and AMG.EA for AMG models. The first model on the new AMG.EA platform will be the electric successor to the Mercedes-AMG GT-4 door. An SUV on the same platform will follow a year later, with almost 1000 PS, and will compete with Porsche’s upcoming electric luxury SUV, codenamed K1.

According to British magazine Autocar, Mercedes-AMG will show a concept of this super SUV, which, like the Vision AMG Concept, will be 5,100 mm long and have a wheelbase of over 3,000 mm. The upcoming electric luxury SUV will offer generous interior space and intelligent variability. Like the four-door coupe version, the SUV will get the AMG.OS operating system, derived from the MB.OS and adapted for AMG’s requirements.

This super SUV will be the fifth stand-alone AMG model that does not exist in the Mercedes range, following the AMG SL, AMG GT, AMG GT-4 door coupe, and the production version of the AMG Vision concept.

The Mercedes-AMG electric luxury SUV will co-exist alongside the Mercedes GLS with conventional engines and the Mercedes EQS SUV, which does not have an AMG version. Currently, the most powerful EQS SUV versions are the EQS 580 with 544 PS and the Maybach luxury version with 658 PS.

Models on the AMG.EA platform will have high-performance axial-flow engines supplied by British manufacturer YASA, acquired by Mercedes in 2021. The upcoming Mercedes-AMG electric SUV will compete with the future Porsche K1 electric SUV, which is a luxury SUV that will sit above the Cayenne and debut in 2026.

Editor’s note: In the photo show is presented the AMG Vision Concept.

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