Mercedes-AMG will launch a wild new 804 HP 1047 lb.-ft plug-in E Performance hybrid GT super-coupé later this month.

Mercedes-AMG will launch a wild new plug-in E Performance hybrid GT super-coupé later this month. It’s no secret, since a prototype was already shown at the Munich Motor Show last year. But the GT 63 S E Performance swipes its powertrain from the Mercedes-AMG SL 63 E Performance roadster. It will pair that car’s 4-litre biturbo V8 with AMG’s rear-mounted electric motor for a monster combined 804 HP and 1047 lb.-ft.

While it will indeed benefit subtle aerodynamic and styling tweaks, expect the E Performance. To mimic most of the standard GT 63 S styling cues in the pictures. It’s AMG’s sixth PHEV after the electrified S63, SL 63, C63, GT 63 4-Door Coupé and One Hypercar. Tthe GT 63 S E Performance is expected to carry over all the convertible’s tricks. That includes everything from rear wheel steering to carbon-ceramic brakes.


63 S E Performance Will Break 3 Seconds to 60 mph

The GT 63 E Performance is expected to be lighting quick. The SL does 60 mph in under 3 seconds and a 196mph top speed. Expect the sleeker GT 63 S E Performance to beat that. The extra weight of the hybrid kit and battery will however likely dampen some of the regular ICE GT 63’s subtle handling, steering feel, and agility.

The 63 E performance will sit in on top of the all-new GT range alongside its SL development twin. Larger and heavier. but also roomier and said to be more practical than its predecessor, it gains a pair of rear sets in a cramped Porsche 911-like 2+2 rear cabin. Add a larger and more accessible boot. For those golf clubs, and all.


63 S E Performance will be Fourth GT Model

The GT 63 S E Performance will take the GT range up to four models on top of the 4.3 second 0-60 mph 175 mph A45-powered 416 HP turbo four-cylinder base AMG GT 43. Next up is the 3.8 second 183 mph 469 HP 4-litre biturbo V8 GT 55 4Matic+. And then there’s the similarly endowed but 577 HP regular GT 63 4Matic +. Good for 3.1 second s to 60, and 196 mph.

All get AMG’s wet ‘starter’ clutch nine-speed AMG Speedshift automatic gearbox. Complete with 15 Hp 170 lb.-ft mid hybrid assistance in its bell housing. Now more conventional, the gearbox is mounted directly to the engine and replaces the previous GT’s seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle.


Now AWD, 9-Speed Replaces 7-Speed transaxle

The fifth model to be built exclusively by AMG, the entire GT range also gains fully variable all-wheel drive. In place of the old rear-wheel drive. To deliver what Benz promises to be ‘a much broader spread of driving characteristics, greater traction. And added security in all conditions.’

While its long-nosed arced-roof styling is based on the first-generation, the liftback 2-door coupé gains Mercedes active air control. To alter engine bay airflow. A carbonfibre underbody element lowers by 1.5” to create a Venturi effect. And the retractable rear spoiler deploys in up to five different wing angles beyond 50mph.


E Performance Will Add Premium to AMG GT 63

Expect the optional aerodynamic package on the rest of the range to come standard on the flagship. AMG remains mum on pricing. But expect its electric add-ons to add a fair premium to the regular GT 63 2-door’s $177,000.

Images; Mercedes-AMG

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