The Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed Concept debuts as a radical roofless supercar in the exclusive Mythos series.

Introduction to the PureSpeed Concept

Mercedes-AMG has unveiled the PureSpeed, a striking new concept car that redefines open-top driving. This supercar, showcased in Monaco before the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, signals the launch of the Mythos series, a new line of exclusive AMG vehicles. With no roof or windshield and a distinctive HALO feature, the PureSpeed captures the essence of Mercedes’ motorsport legacy.

Design and Features

The PureSpeed’s design takes inspiration from iconic Mercedes models like the AMG GT and the new SL. The most notable design element is the absence of a roof and windshield, replaced by a Formula One-style HALO that divides the driver and passenger. Although the HALO does not provide head protection, it enhances the car’s aerodynamic profile. The PureSpeed comes with aero-optimized helmets to protect occupants from debris and insects.

Performance and Specifications

While specific performance details remain undisclosed, the PureSpeed is expected to feature a powerful AMG V8 engine. Given its lightweight design and aerodynamic enhancements, the driving experience promises to be exhilarating. The car’s bodywork, inspired by the AMG One and historical models like the 300 SLR, includes carbon fiber components and unique wheels designed for optimal aerodynamics and cooling.

Historical Inspiration

The PureSpeed’s red livery pays homage to Mercedes’ victory in the 1924 Targa Florio. This historical reference highlights the car’s connection to motorsport heritage. In 1924, Mercedes painted its car red to avoid local interference in the race, a clever tactic that contributed to their win. The PureSpeed carries this legacy forward with its distinctive design and performance capabilities.

Production and Exclusivity

Mercedes-AMG plans to produce only 250 units of the PureSpeed, targeting the brand’s most dedicated enthusiasts and collectors. This limited run underscores the car’s exclusivity and the prestigious nature of the Mythos series. The PureSpeed, with its blend of cutting-edge technology and historical nods, is a testament to AMG’s commitment to innovation and performance.

Future of the Mythos Series

The PureSpeed is just the beginning of the Mythos series, with more high-end, limited-production models expected in the future. The series aims to fill the gap between AMG’s hypercars and grand tourers, offering unique and exclusive vehicles. As Mercedes-AMG continues to innovate, the Mythos series will likely set new standards in automotive performance and design.

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