Mercedes-Benz is apparently reconsidering the branding strategy for its flagship sedans, the S-Class and the EQS EV. The former is about to get a key update in its tech while the latter will adopt a new power source and architecture.

S-Class Updates

Citing several named and unnamed sources within the three-pointed star marque, Car and Driver said the S-Class will roll back to the fundamentals in order to focus more on opulence and convenience. These will be introduced in the facelifted models of the range for 2026 and 2029.

Besides the restyled exterior, one of the notable changes in the internal combustion-propelled car is its shift to capacitive buttons and thumbwheels matched with a new Hyperscreen layout and optional passenger display for its cockpit. This will be a major departure from the touch slider mechanism of the unit.

“Intuitive ergonomics will return, but I’m not saying analog is the new digital,” explained Mercedes-Benz Head of Interiors Hartmut Sinkwitz. “Instead, we are going to offer the customers the best of both worlds.”

The Maybach brand will likewise benefit from the revamp. More personalization options will be offered in the Manufacture division, including a new front grille and customizable dynamic lighting, to give it a flashier look.

EQS Upgrades

Meanwhile, the EQS will follow in the footsteps of its fuel-guzzling sibling in terms of power source. On the way to the S-Class facelift is a new 118 kWh electric battery, which is a leap of around 9.6 kWh from its present version, and its electric counterpart is set to gain from it.

Furthermore, the EQS is about to get an enhanced Executive package to provide better rear passenger seats. There’s also word that it will take an 800-volt architecture from its current 400-volt system. The new configuration is expected to allow faster charging and more range for the car.

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