South African enthusiast handbuilt a street-legal replica of the iconic Mercedes-Benz C11 Group C racecar, now available for sale at a fraction of the cost of the real deal.

The Passionate Enthusiast

Johan Ackermann‘s journey into crafting automotive replicas stems from his profound love for design and engineering, as evidenced by his diverse portfolio, including a four-door Alfa Romeo Brera hatch build. Despite lacking blueprints or technical specifications, Ackermann’s dedication and patience drive his remarkable creations.

The Art of Replication

Ackermann’s process involves meticulous attention to detail, relying on scale models as references and traditional metal shaping techniques. With no access to exact measurements, Ackermann’s work is a testament to his eye for precision and determination to replicate iconic racers like the C11 with unparalleled accuracy.

Precision and Authenticity

Unlike many replicas, Ackermann’s creations stand out for their accuracy, utilizing components primarily sourced from the same manufacturer. The C11 replica, for instance, boasts a custom chassis integrated with components from various Mercedes-Benz models, ensuring authenticity in both appearance and performance.

The Heart of the Beast

Under the hood, Ackermann’s C11 replica houses a 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged M119 V8 engine, mirroring the specifications of the original racecar. With a modest boost for reliability, the replica generates 406 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque, delivering an exhilarating driving experience reminiscent of the legendary Group C racer.

Practical Considerations and Modern Features

Despite its racing inspiration, Ackermann’s replica incorporates modern conveniences like a digital rearview camera, enhancing practicality without compromising authenticity. With a curb weight comparable to the real C11, Ackermann’s creation offers a compelling blend of vintage charm and contemporary functionality.

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