Mercedes-AMG has revealed a new A45 S Limited Edition that will be available in extremely limited numbers here in the UK. The A45 operates right at the top of the hot hatchback field largely unopposed, until Audi’s updated RS 3 arrives anyway, but the unique paint and colour combination on this version makes it stand out even further. 

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The Mercedes-AMG A45 S Limited Edition is available exclusively in Green Hell Magno paintwork, a colour introduced on the previous generation Mercedes-AMG GT R supercar and named after the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit, on which all AMGs spend lots of time in development. 

Alongside the matte-finish green base colour, AMG has also applied a selection of unique coloured graphics in bright yellow. These include stripes along the splitter, sills and rear bumper garnish, as well as on body stripes down the car’s flanks, bonnet, wing and rear bumper air vents. So far, so garish, but AMG’s most unique application of the yellow colour is on the 19-inch forged wheels, which have yellow-coloured inserts on the inner sections of the spokes, creating a very distinctive look. 

The A45 S Limited Edition includes the Night Packages 1 and 2 from the standard car, plus an AMG Aerodynamics package that adds the stacked rear wing, larger splitter and front-mounted dive-planes. These elements are optional on the standard A45 S in most markets, but come as standard on the one high-spec trim available in the UK. 

Inside, the cabin features yet more yellow highlights including those found on the hard-back AMG Performance bucket seats and the unique embroidery of the ‘45’ logo that’s also found on the driver’s door. 

There aren’t any technical changes to the Limited Edition, so in combination with the 416bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine and eight-speed dual-clutch transmission is AMG’s clever all-wheel drive system that integrates a torque-vectoring differential into the rear axle. This is still the fastest hot hatchback around, too, hitting 62mph in 3.9 seconds and topping out at a limited 167mph. 

All-in these changes will necessitate a price rise over the standard model which has yet to be confirmed, but we expect the Mercedes-AMG A45 S Limited Edition might cost somewhere in the region of £68,000 when it does arrive this summer.

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