The engine is then run through AMG’s nine-speed TCT automatic transmission that features both a torque converter and wet-clutch on take-off. Power is sent to a rear-biased all-wheel drive system that’s also able to decouple the front axle and go fully rear-wheel driven in Drift Mode. Performance is rated at 4.4 seconds to 62mph, which can be dropped to 4.2 seconds if the car is specified with the AMG Dynamic Plus package. Top speed is 155mph, or 174mph with the aforementioned pack. 

Just as with the Mercedes-AMG CLE 53 coupe, the Cabriolet runs a completely bespoke body that features significantly wider track widths. The difference is 58mm for the front and 75mm on the rear, matched to fatter wheel and tyre combos that are 19-inch as standard – 20s are optional. The brakes are also upsized to 370mm discs on the front axle and 360mm on the rear. 

All Mercedes-AMG CLE 53s run on coil spring suspension and adaptive dampers, with a unique setup for the convertible that takes into account the extra weight and compromised structural rigidity of the open-top body. Rear-wheel steering is standard across all models, and works with a bespoke AMG power steering system with three levels of assistance variable to the chosen drive mode. 

Elements specific to the Cabriolet include Merc’s clever AirScarf system integrated into the front seats, while the roof itself is an acoustically-layered fabric unit that’s able to be raised and lowered at speeds of up to 30mph. Boot volume is compromised by the roof mechanism when stowed, with the standard 385-litre boot shrinking to 295 litres. 

Visually, the CLE 53 mimics the coupe with its aggressive wheel arches and AMG-specific wheel designs. Typical of a middle-ranking ‘53’ AMG, the rear exhaust tips are round rather than trapezoidal, and when specified with the AMG Driver’s Package there’s an additional lip spoiler thrown in for good measure. 

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