Helping disguise the prototype EQS’s vast body side are a set of 21-inch wheels. This wheel design is currently available for non-AMG Line models in overseas markets, but we expect Mercedes to retain a largely AMG-Line based range in the UK. A peek inside the prototype also reveals this specific car doesn’t have the headline-grabbing Hyperscreen fitted – we suspect this will continue to be fitted only to high-spec models or as an expensive option. 

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Mercedes has also been working on upgrades to the EVA platform underpinning the EQS. This was the first production Mercedes to sit on the bespoke platform that’s since gone on to underpin the EQE and the pair’s subsequent SUV derivatives.  

Being so new, the chassis’ fundamentals are unlikely to change, we suspect the battery tech and capacities are likely to be upgraded without being totally redesigned. As it stands, all EQS models in the UK feature a 112kWh capacity, unlocking class-leading range figures of up to 440 miles.

Unlike a growing number of rival EVs, Merc’s EVA platform still utilises a 400V electrical system, putting a relative ceiling in terms of the car’s charging and performance capabilities. This might suggest an adoption of a more advanced 800V architecture with this facelift, but nothing is as yet confirmed. 

Beyond this, we expect the update to focus on some of the rough edges of the Mercedes EQS. This should include changes right across most of the car’s dynamic elements, such as the intelligent air suspension and rear-wheel steering systems, plus refinements around the car’s regenerative brakes and electric motor calibrations.  

We will get a full insight into the changes later in the spring along with plenty of insight about potential upgrades due across other EQS and EQE models.

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