As teaserpalooza continues, we now know the next-generation Toyota 4Runner will make its appearance on April 9. So, we have less than a week until the big reveal.

This new teaser on Toyota USA’s Instagram doesn’t show much more of the vehicle than before, but we do see one key feature: The new 4Runner will keep a power rear window.

Teaserpalooza tells

We now have two Toyota 4Runner teasers, and neither show a lot of details. The model used for both teasers appears to be in the same Heritage Blue paint we see on the Land Cruiser, and it looks like it will get the same chunky design treatment – at least on the rear of the vehicle. We see the Toyota badging above the license plate and 4Runner below, which is a different logo treatment than the Land Cruiser gets. 

What we don’t see: An actual Toyota badge on the back. Sequoia, for example, gets the spelled out model name below the license plate, but rather than a spelled out “Toyota,” it gets a badge above. So, it looks like Toyota is starting to morph some of its design language

When the rear window comes down in the teaser, the other big thing (literally) we see is the infotainment screen that pops up out of the dash. I know a lot of people were hoping the 4Runner would stay relatively low-tech, but this shows it will not – at least in upper trims. There is hope that lower trims will still be less techy, but you can bet you bottom dollar that all versions of the 4Runner will get Toyota’s new infotainment software.

2025 Toyota 4Runner what to expect

While some of the design elements are starting to take shape, we still don’t expect anything crazy with the 2025 Toyota 4Runner. This next-gen vehicle will be more a design evolution than something that’s drastically different. The current model is 14 years old, and people LOVE it. So, if it ain’t broke, why break it? Sure, we’ll see some Tundra/Tacoma design cues on the front and rear fascia, but it will still be recognizable as a 4Runner.

Next, we expect the V-6 to go away. Similar to the new Toyota Tacoma, we think the 2025 Toyota 4Runner will get four-cylinder turbocharged engines. The base powertrain will likely be a 2.4-liter, 4-cylinder turbo, which is the same as the Tacoma. Top horsepower and torque in the Tacoma is 278 and 317, respectively, so we expect similar numbers in the 4Runner. Since Toyota is hybridizing all the things, it should be no surprise that the up-level powertrain will be a hybrid, likely based off same 2.4-liter turbo, like the Tacoma.

The bottom line

We have less than a week to see wait for the reveal. Based on the two teasers we have, what do you think this next-gen Toyota 4Runner will look like? What features do you hope it will have?

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