After a long wait, Mercedes has unveiled the first electric Mercedes G-Class. It’s called the Mercedes G 580 EQ, weighs over three tonnes, has four engines with 432 kW and 1,164 Nm in total, and a 116 kWh battery that gives it a WLTP range of 473 km. 

In autumn 2021, Mercedes unveiled the Mercedes EQG concept at the Munich Mobility Show. More than two and a half years later, the production model makes its debut at the Beijing show and comes with impressive figures: curb weight of 3,085 kg (445 kg more than the AMG G 63 facelift), four engines totaling 432 kW (588 PS), and 1,164 Nm, 116 kWh battery. 

Three virtual lockable differentials 

The Mercedes G 580 EQ is not built on the EVA II platform of the EQE/EQS SUV and not on the upcoming MB.EA platform. Mercedes has chosen to keep the ladder frame structure and has therefore adapted the conventional model platform for electric propulsion. 

The four electric motors are positioned close to the wheels and each develops 108 kW. As with the conventional model, Low-Range mode can be selected for rough terrain. Each motor has a gearbox and inverter in a shared housing. Low-Range can be activated in the Rock program, and the reduction ratio is 2:1. In this case, the rock-crawl function is active, and the maximum speed is limited to 85 kph.

By placing the engines very close to the wheels, the Mercedes G 580 EQ offers some unique facilities:
– The G-Turn function allows the vehicle to perform two complete 360-degree spins around the vertical axis. It operates in Low-Range, Crawl mode, and the driver can choose the direction of rotation, left or right, by pulling and holding the left or right steering wheel shift paddle. After two complete turns, the G-Turn function is deactivated. Mercedes recommends that this operation be carried out on loose or unpaved surfaces.
– The G-Steering function can significantly reduce off-road steering diameter, works with Low-Range engaged, in Rock mode, and is active up to 25 kph
 – The off-road crawl function is a kind of cruise control for off-road driving. It has a similar function to Hill Descent Control, except that it’s not only used when going downhill but also on flat terrain or when climbing a hill. The driver can select three speeds: slow crawl (2 km/h), variable crawl (from 2 to 14 km/h), and fast crawl (around 8 km/h). 

The driver can choose between five programs: Comfort, Sport, Individual plus two for off-road – Trail and Rock.

The Mercedes G 580 EQ comes standard with the adaptive suspension of the conventional model, and the axle configuration is similar: double-wishbone independent front suspension and rigid rear axle. The rear axle, De Dion type, has been modified, and the motors are mounted on a ladder frame and connected with the wheels via dual-joint shafts. 

Approach angle and departure angle, 32 and 30.7 degrees respectively, are better than on the conventional model (31 and 30 degrees respectively). In contrast, the brakeover angle is lower, at 20.3 degrees, compared to 26 degrees. The ground clearance of 250 mm is 9 mm higher than on the classic model. The Mercedes G 580 EQ can also pass through an 850 mm water ford, compared to only 700 mm on the G450d d/G 500.

The battery has composite underbody protection

The battery with a net capacity of 116 kWh consists of 216 cells grouped in 12 modules. It is integrated into the ladder frame made from steel up to four mm thick. The 116 kWh battery gives a WLTP range of 473 km. The battery is protected from off-road knocks by a shield made of composite materials stronger than aluminum or steel, 26 mm thick and weighing 57.6 kg, attached to the ladder frame by more than 50 steel screws. A similar steel shield would have been three times heavier. The shield is protected with a 1 mm protective layer against stone chip hits.

The battery charges from 10 to 80% with up to 200 kW in about 32 minutes, and at AC stations with up to 11 kW, with no 22 kW charging option. The battery has three charging programs: Standard, Work, and Home, which allow the storage of departure time, climate control, and maximum charge level parameters.

As with other Mercedes models, four recuperation levels can be selected from the paddles behind the steering wheel: D Auto, D, D- and D –. There’s no frunk in the front, but charging cables can be stored in the spare wheel well, which has been converted into a cable storage compartment. 

Special Edition One series

As with other Mercedes models, a special launch series called Edition One (Manufaktur south sea blue magno in the photo gallery) is offered. It has a starting price of 194,524.15 euros and is available in five exclusive Manufaktur colors. The Mercedes G 580 EQ is built like the conventional model at Magna Steyr in Austria. 

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