In April of 2020, right at the beginning of the pandemic, I bought a 2005 BMW Z4 from its original owner. It was a great buy, as the prices that we all saw skyrocket during this period had yet to hit. I drove the car all during that period with no car shows, taking it out every weekend there was good weather. After the car world restarted, I drove that Z4 to a ton of car events across the country, loving every minute behind the wheel.

The car I had before the Z4 was a 1996 Z3 007 Edition, and while that car was fun the Z4 was improved in just about every way. It had a larger interior, much improved chassis dynamics, and a 240 hp inline-six under the hood. It was both fast and fun while delivering miles of trouble-free driving.

I have driven practically every classic roadster that has ever been built, and the Z4 is very much a modern interpretation of the classic roadster concept with all the feel of driving a classic combined with only the modern conveniences you want and need.

My Pick of the Day is one of these cars, a 2003 BMW Z4 Roadster located at a dealer in Bend, Oregon.

This car is finished in its original Maldives Blue Metallic paint over an original black leather interior and from the photos both the exterior and interior look to be in exceptional condition with no issues. This should come as no surprise when you find that this Z4 has covered a total of 41,530 miles from new.

The description for this ad nonexistent, but I took a tremendous amount of time checking out the photos of this car and it truly looks like an excellent example.

Under the hood is the BMW M54B25 inline-six mated to a five-speed manual transmission. It rides on 17″ BMW Style 107 wheels which look to be in perfect condition.

The close of my own Z4 story ended this week when I drove it to Beaver, Pennsylvania, for my last drive in the car, having sold it to a friend who really wanted my Z4. He loves the car and I am now deciding what to replace it with. It will likely be another BMW, but I am still considering the options. I will say that from my first drive to my last time driving the Z4, it always impressed me every time. These are staggeringly great roadsters and anyone who buys a Miata instead for the same amount of money is making the wrong choice.

This 2003 Z4, which is in my personally favorite color, is being offered for a very fair price of only $12,995. If you are in the market for one of these cars I would quickly reach out to this seller and find out more about the car to make up for the lack of a description. I’m guessing it is a car that is as good as it looks and at this price it is not likely to last too long. I actually almost called them myself to buy it, but figured I would give you readers a chance first.

Click here for this Pick of the Day.

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