The Real MPG tests conducted by What Car? reveal that drivers of Toyota hybrids can achieve greater real-world fuel economy than those of other manufacturers. A recent report in the publication reveals that six of the UK’s top ten most economical hybrid models are produced by Toyota.

Real MPG

Real-world use versus official MPG

Why is there a difference between real-world miles per gallon and official fuel economy figures? Because official figures are produced in the controllable environment of a laboratory. Whereas real-world drivers have to contend with changeable weather, fluctuating temperatures, different road conditions and varying on-board loads – all of which have an effect on fuel economy.

The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), introduced in 2018, replaced the old New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) test.

Both tests were designed to ensure consistent, repeatable figures. These can provide a helpful baseline from which consumers can compare the relative fuel economy of different vehicles.

Real MPG test versus real-world use

Interestingly, What Car? magazine’s Real MPG test is also designed to provide helpful baseline comparison figures. It’s still carried out under strict laboratory conditions. But the test is conducted on a rolling road that precisely simulates the speeds and vehicle loads experienced in a real town, country and motorway route in the UK. Click the following link to learn more about the Real MPG test.

Hybrid cars: What did the Real MPG test reveal?

Toyota has championed petrol-electric hybrid powertrains since the launch of the Prius in 1997. And for good reason – we believe hybrids are a compelling fuel-efficient option for drivers who are not yet ready (or able) to choose a fully electric vehicle. As you can see below, this helpful What Car? Real MPG comparison provides ample substantiation.

1  Toyota Yaris Cross 60.1
2  Toyota Yaris (current generation) 59.9 
Honda Jazz 56.0
Renault Clio  51.6
5  Toyota Prius 50.5
6 Suzuki Swace 50.3
7 Kia Niro 50.1
8 Toyota Corolla Touring Sports 49.4
9 Toyota Yaris (previous generation) 49.2
10 Toyota RAV4 49.0

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