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Running costs

All CX-30s have to be serviced every 12 months or 12,500 miles. At every service the oil and filter need to be replaced, while in alternate years the brake fluid and pollen filter should be renewed. And every third year you’ll need new air and fuel filters.

There’s no set schedule for the replacement of any other parts; it’s a question of inspecting items such as the drive belts, fuel lines, transmission oil and engine coolant, and changing them only when necessary. Because the CX-30’s engines are chain-driven, there are no cambelts to replace.

The service schedule isn’t all that straightforward, and prices run between £202 (services 1, 5, 7, 11) and £442 (service 6). Along the way, services 3 and 9 are priced at £317, while services 2, 4, 8 and 10 are pegged at £339. Mazda offers service plans, but they have to be taken out within a month of the vehicle being registered.


Mazda has recalled the CX-30 twice so far. The first time was in January 2020, when 7,603 Mazda 3s and CX-30s were recalled because faulty software could lead to the auto emergency braking system (or Smart Brake Support in Mazda’s own terms) cutting in unnecessarily. The fault affected CX-30s built up to October 2019, and a software update was all that was needed to fix it.

The second recall was issued in April 2021, and this time only the CX-30 was affected; 7,126 cars were caught up in the campaign, all made between April 2019 and October 2020. Once again the problem was down to software glitches, this time because the powered tailgate could start to lower itself without any input from anyone. Again, a software update was all that was required to put things right.

Driver Power owner satisfaction

Mazda doesn’t feature much in our Driver Power surveys; in our New Car polls, the CX-5 came second last year and ninth in 2023 (out of 75), while the Mazda 3 Mk3 managed 53rd in the 2023 Used Car survey. The CX-5 gives a good indication of what you can expect from the CX-30; owners love the design inside and out, the value, reliability and low running costs. Some of the dynamic elements get the thumbs down.

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