Spending time in nature restores, rejuvenates and invigorates us as humans. Our wellness and creativity boosted by its sights, sounds and solidarity. We revel in the infinite gifts provided by our senses, the electrical fireworks of our emotions and the relationships and bonds we share with the natural world around us. Put simply, we’re more human in nature.

2023 Mazda CX-50 available Spring 2022. Late availability pre-production trim and accessories shown throughout initially expected late 2022 and subject to change. Production model will vary.

Understanding and believing in the importance of spending time in nature, we set out to craft  our first vehicle built from the ground up to help people connect to the outdoors. We challenged ourselves to engineer a vehicle to move with and through nature, in harmony. And in doing so, encourage and champion people to drive out upon the unpredictable contours and dynamic terrain of the outdoors. To uplift drivers through the joy of driving on almost any terrain, while also celebrating, enhancing, and showcasing the world around them.

The natural world’s effects provide a resetting, a reconstituting and even a reimagining of our lives. A retiring to our true origin. Our home. And as a result, we are made better. Its cost of admission: free.

Nature fuels our curiosities and inspires our lifeblood. From the Herculean strength of a herd of humble ants to the death-defying grace of a great falcon in flight. Inspiration abounds, above and below and everywhere in between. Colors so rich, you can taste them with your eyes. Sounds so sublime, you long to know why. An exchange of energy unlimited and unmatched. All our senses—aroused, triggered, and galvanized.

Our vehicles have always been designed through a human-centric philosophy, engineered to bring man and machine into unprecedented harmony, through the joy of driving. So, for Mazda’s purpose-built vehicle for the outdoors, we looked to our engineers to go one step further. To create a vehicle that brought man, machine, and the natural world into a unique harmony, greater than the sum of its parts. From its i-Activ All-Wheel Drive and Mi-Drive modes to its panoramic sunroof and intelligent utility, the CX-50 exists to connect driver and passenger with the natural world, by delivering a driving experience off the beaten path, that is both engaging and seamless.

Four years of research and development yielded a truly unique vehicle among the category, by merging harmony, capability and elegance to forge the first-ever Mazda CX-50.


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