Launched in 2024, our new Toyota C-HR Hybrid Insurance policy is specifically aimed at drivers of the new-generation Toyota C-HR.

Toyota C-HR Hybrid Insurance: What makes it different?

Toyota C-HR Hybrid Insurance is a new product that comes with all the established benefits offered by Toyota Motor Insurance but with the opportunity for private customers to enjoy a discount of up to 10% off their renewal premium, linked to the miles driven in all-electric EV mode during the policy year.

With the customer’s prior agreement, the distance their Toyota C-HR covers in EV mode during the year is monitored via the car’s data communication module. This discreet unit is fitted as standard to all models, so there is no need for an additional ‘black box’ or other device to be installed.

When the time comes for the policy to be renewed, the total distance travelled in EV mode is used to calculate the discount the customer may be eligible for on their renewal premium. In order to receive the maximum discount of 10% the vehicle must have travelled at least 57% of its total annual mileage in EV mode.

Full terms and conditions can be found by clicking here:

Customers can monitor their all-electric performance using the MyToyota app, which shows in clear graphics the mileage and percentage of EV driving as well as the predicted discount to be applied come renewal time. The policy period dates are also clearly shown.

We believe that Toyota C-HR Hybrid Insurance sets the scene for the potential introduction of other new products with built-in value features linked to customer driving patterns.

Jason Milton, CEO of Toyota Insurance Service UK, said: “With increasing pressure on personal budgets, customers quite rightly want to be confident they are receiving genuine value for money. The discount opportunity designed-in to this policy not only offers the potential for savings, it also promotes cleaner, more efficient driving.”

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