Mercedes or BMW – a perennial question for those who prefer cars of German quality. Business class cars have impressive external data and no less excellent technical performance. Models of both companies are included in the rating of the best, sharing among themselves the status of leaders.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW are giants in the automotive industry. These brands always mean cars, which are characteristic of:

  • huge life of units and assemblies;
  •  reliable parts;
  • high degree of safety;
  • status;
  • daring traits to remember.

From year to year there is a constant competition of automobile stamps for the title of the most important. Despite the same similarities in many parameters, Mercedes and BMW cars have some differences.

BMW: features and benefits

Fans of BMW are young people who want to stand out. Sports data of «Bavarians» give the opportunity to feel the drive while driving. The concept of the brand is always built speed, aggressiveness and dynamic movement.

If you choose between Mercedes or BMW, the latter has a number of advantages:

  • M package for extreme driving;
  • iDrive system;
  • acceleration to extremely high speeds;
  •  a wide range of bodies – from sedans and hatchbacks to coupes, limousines and SUVs;
  • light motor weight without power loss (in models X5, M, 3 and 4 series);
  • more efficient fuel consumption.

The condition of older cars can be compared to the condition of new ones. Moreover, the pricing policy is more loyal. This allows buyers with a small budget to purchase the desired car on the secondary market, for example, import it from America.

Disadvantages of BMW

German cars are equipped with a variety of sensors for safety control. BMW have succeeded in this matter. Because of the electronics overload, sensors often fail, requiring replacement at the service center. Service on a par with Mercedes is expensive. When choosing «Germans» you need to be prepared for a high price tag in the price list of the Service Station, inflated prices for spare parts and consumables.

The flagships among BMWs

The 10-year-old BMW surpassed the 2013 Mercedes E-class. Among the representative sedans have undeniable advantages of the BMW 7th Series 2017. Want an exclusive? The M, Z4, I and X models are considered unique.

Mercedes: features and benefits

It is believed that the owners of Mercedes are people who have a successful career and stable income. Mercedes is loved for its comfort and elegance inside the cabin. Improved suspension affects the confident but smooth running.

The philosophy of Mercedes is reliability. On the technical side, «merenes» can confidently be considered among the most trouble-free machines. Breakdowns of the vehicle happen rarely. And if you had to get on the repair, then only on the capital. The Mercedes-Benz body lasts an order of magnitude longer than the metal designs of other brands. The elements are less susceptible to corrosion. But it is also worth understanding that with age, no matter how good a car is, it loses its positive qualities if it is not maintained on time. If you want to buy a good used Mercedes, it is very important to check its history before buying, for example on a special website you can check any Mercedes model by Vin-Code.

Notable for the Mercedes:

  • brand is a choice of famous people, politicians;
  • innovative projects and practices are established primarily on these models;
  • Flexible steering and excellent maneuverability;
  • increased powertrain efficiency;
  • ergonomics and anatomical features of front and rear seats;
  • availability in the range of vehicles (trucks, buses, vans, pickups).

The brand is also the flagship of safety: improved passive safety system, innovation emergency braking, PRE SAFE. In the segment of business taxi, car support or rental of premium cars are provided services of these vehicles.

Disadvantages of Mercedes

The front beam of vehicles takes on the lion’s share of the load. This leads to frequent and serious damage to the front suspension bearings. Cars of this brand are demanding on fuel quality. You need to take refueling seriously and choose only premium gas stations.

The complex design of the motor is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It is more reliable due to its advanced technical features. But repairs will be very expensive, and not every service will undertake the work.

The flagships of Mercedes

The E-Class cars are recognized as the most reliable sedans. When choosing a crossover, it is better to give preference to the GLK. The W222 will allow you to plunge into the world of comfort and technological excellence. This sedan is the first to use an air aromatization system.


When it comes to choosing a Mercedes or a BMW, it is difficult to make an objective decision. You must be guided by personal preferences. For the comfort of the driver and passengers, the favorite is Mercedes. It is able to provide convenience both on a short distance and on a long journey. BMW will help you speed up on the road and demonstrate your superiority. In this car you can keep absolute control over the road situation.

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