Following their first-drive road tests of the second-generation Toyota C-HR hybrid, selected members of the national motoring press were invited to test-drive the model’s flagship plug-in hybrid model and experience its extended EV range. What did the professional road testers think of the ‘dual DNA’ version that looks set to become a company car favourite? What were their 2024 Toyota C-HR Plug-in reviews?

2024 Toyota C-HR Plug-in reviews:

“The [Plug-in drivetrain] is well-tuned, with a smooth transition between electric and combustion power sources. It offers instant zip in EV mode, while the engine has good initial throttle response too, with nice pick-up and acceleration on part throttle. You can… use a hybrid option that will mete out the power and, in sync with the sat-nav, employ geofencing to use electric power in clean-air zones; or even charge the battery back up, from the combustion engine and regenerative braking, in order to redeploy that energy in zero-emissions running later in your journey.”

C-HR Plug-in reviewsC-HR Plug-in reviews

“It makes lots of sense as a company car choice… assuming you’re not ready to go pure electric. Having the fifth-generation hybrid system at the heart of the vehicle makes the [C-HR Plug-in] a better real-world bet than many of its rivals, because when it’s not running on pure electric power, it’s still a pretty frugal set-up. Toyota claims you can travel up to 41 miles on electric power alone, slotting the C-HR Plug-in neatly into the eight percent band for company car tax.”

C-HR Plug-in reviewsC-HR Plug-in reviews

“It always starts in EV mode, and its electric range should be enough for the average UK commuter to get to and from work without burning a drop of petrol. Plus, the C-HR knows when it’s in an emissions-controlled area and will default to running in EV mode if it has enough charge in its battery pack. We spent an afternoon tooling around… and barely heard a peep from the petrol engine. That bodes well. If you want something that’s comfortable to sit in, interesting to look at and cheap to fuel, the Toyota C-HR Plug-in could be ideal for you.”

2024 Toyota C-HR Plug-in reviews:

“The C-HR Plug-in is well-mannered on the road and looks cool next to many more mundane alternatives. The warranty, reliability and efficiency also make it a great prospect if you simply want a car that’s easy to live with, safe, cheap to run and will just keep going – let’s face it, that’s what most of us want. There’s no denying that some others are cheaper and have plusher-feeling interiors. If you’re not too fussed about that, then the C-HR is a very decent plug-in hybrid car.”

“It’s the best of the model bunch, especially if you tend to do lots of shorter runs. If you’ve got access to a home charger it makes even more sense, just as long as you’re disciplined enough to plug it in. There’s a decent amount of power from the 2.0-litre petrol engine, so the [Plug-in] does work for longer runs, but it thrives best when you’re in the urban environment and can tap into the respectable electric range.”

“The [Toyota C-HR Plug-in] is an interesting proposition, offering some of the perceived benefits of the C-segment SUV like raised ride height, comfort and visibility, yet prioritising cutting-edge style, aerodynamics and great driving experience. The 2024 model… [is] right out in front again as a choice for the style conscious buyer not ready to give up driving thrills in favour of extra headroom.”

2024 Toyota C-HR Plug-in video reviews:


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