Mercedes classic restoration specialist Mechatronik has restored a rare Mercedes SL 73 AMG that has been parked for 17 years.

Photo: Instagram Mechatronik 

Located in the heart of Germany near Stuttgart, Mechatronik, founded in 1997, has become known for the technical conversion of Mercedes models from the W111 (a series of Mercedes models produced between 1959 and 1971 in limousine, coupe, and cabrio versions) and W113 (Mercedes SL produced between 1963 and 1971) series. Mechatronik is completely restoring them and equipping them with more modern engines: 4.3 liter/279 PS and 5.0 liter/306 PS V8 for the M-SL (modern version of the W113) and 5.0 liter/306 PS and 5.4 liter/354 PS for the M-Coupe and M-Cabrio (modern versions of the W111). 

At the same time, Mechatronik is also involved in the restoration of classic Mercedes models from the 300 SL to the CLK GTR and CLK DTM AMG.  Mechatronik’s specialists have recently restored a rare model, a Mercedes SL 73 AMG, of which only 85 examples were built between 1997 and 2001. 

The story of the restoration of this Mercedes SL 73 AMG was reported by This model was sent for conversion in an SL 73 on 28 July 1999, and the operation was completed on 11 August, when the car was homologated and transferred to its first owner, Wolfgang Lanzerdorfer, with his name inscribed on the gearshift and door sills. The converted example was painted amber-red metallic, and the interior was upholstered in red and black Designo leather with red-painted carbon fiber inserts. In 2005, the car was sold at auction and later was used only one year before was parked for many years. The current owner contacted Mechatronik for a restoration, but after learning its history, Mechatronik decided to buy it for their collection. 

The Mercedes SL 73 AMG was derived from the SL 600 with an AMG package, and the conversion operation cost DM 99,180, resulting in a total price of over DM 350,000. The 7.3-litre version of the M120 V12 engine was derived from the 6-litre and was also fitted to the Pagani Zonda S hypercar. With a displacement of 7,291 cc, the engine develops 525 PS/5,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 750 Nm/4,000 rpm.

Mechatronik carried out a complete engine overhaul, taking a close look at the engine. Ignition coils and injectors were cleaned and spark plugs, fuel pumps, and filters were replacedThe drive train was inspected and new Michelin Pilot Sport 5S tires were fittedThe restored model is not for sale, but Mechatronik has several classic Mercedes models on its website in perfect condition, as well as supercars from other makes.



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