Mazda says the ICONIC SP weighs 1,450kg. While that is over 100kg more than the FD RX-7, it’s relatively lightweight compared to, for example, the latest BMW M2 (1,725kg). Power output for the ICONIC SP has been claimed as 370bhp – around 100bhp more than the final edition of the FD. 

In terms of design, the SP looks almost identical to the Vision Study Model concept, aside from a new headlight cluster. The sleek coupe profile, low bonnet, smooth surfacing, curved side window and overall proportions all mimic the FD RX-7, too. 

Inside the minimalist cabin, we can see a gear selector for an automatic gearbox, and a touchscreen in the middle of the dash with readouts on regenerative braking, launch control, active aerodynamics, G-force vectoring control and a 360-degree camera. The driver’s display has a G-force readout and a mini-map of Monaco’s street circuit.

It’s too early to suggest an on-sale date, or even predict an accurate timeframe for when we might see the production version of the ICONIC SP. However, given the current MX-5 is now approaching nine years old, its lifespan is surely limited; a road-ready SP could surface by the middle of the decade.

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