Remember the Chevy Colorado Desert Boss? Probably not, since it didn’t make production and now a version of it is sort of coming back.

The Chevy Colorado Desert Boss was revealed on July 28, 2022, as part of a completely new midsize truck lineup. Since then, it hasn’t been talked about.

What was the Chevy Colorado Desert Boss?

The Desert Boss was a package added to the Chevy Colorado ZR2.

It included:

  • 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels
  • Off-road bumper and front fascia
  • Sports bar with Sail Panel
  • Roof-mounted light bar
  • Underbody camera
  • Unique “Desert Boss” decals and black emblems.

This package was targeted at true desert racers who needed even more capability above and beyond the ZR2.

Just as soon as it was announced and pictures were shared, it seemingly disappeared and you can’t find it for sale or on

Instead, it appears the Bison edition took its place.

Isn’t the Chevy Colorado Bison a Desert Boss?

When the 2023 Chevy Colorado was announced, the Bison package was the one missing in action.

This package was available on the prior-generation Colorado and it uses a variety of parts from American Expedition Vehicles better known as AEV. They are a well-known aftermarket modification company.

With Boron-steel skid plates, real steel bumpers, and 35” off-road tires, it is the alpha male of the Colorado lineup.

Granted you have to pay a lot for those items with the package upcharge of $11,000.

These unique wheels were just one part of the Chevy Colorado Trail Boss package. (Photo courtesy Chevrolet)

Desert Boss returns?

Wait, the Desert Boss isn’t completely out of the picture.

According to a story on, dealers will be able to build you a Desert Boss with parts directly from GM.

You can add this package to the ZR2 and the cheaper Trail Boss trim.

The package includes these parts with their respective part numbers:

  • Off-road front bumper with safari bar (LPO VH6)
  • Off-road bumper pod lights (LPO 5BO)
  • 30-inch grille-mounted off-road light bar (LPO S3W)
  • Wiring harness for off-road bumper lights (LPO WRT)
  • Accessory switch kit (UJA)
  • Accessory power distribution box (SAB)
  • Performance Skid Plate (LPO PZZ) (Trail Boss only)

Notably, you can’t order a ZR2 Bison and add on these features.

Pricing isn’t available yet for this package, but expect it to run into the thousands.

The bottom line

While we may never know why the Bison package wasn’t announced at the launch of the 2023 Chevy Colorado, it is good to see an alternative package being offered. This is especially nice to see this package offered on a lower-trim level and presumably cheaper model like the Trail Boss. Considering many of these off-road midsize trucks are starting to reach and go over the $60,000 mark like the Tacoma Trailhunter and Tacoma TRD PRO, cheaper is a relief.

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