Mercedes-Benz has electrified its iconic G-Class as part of substantial update across the range. All models gain mild hybridization.

Mercedes-Benz has electrified its iconic G-Class as part of substantial update across the range. A Benz G V8 is no longer available but both the gas and diesel straight sixes, and albeit still a V8 monster AMG G 63 gain mild hybridization. They are among several improvements to boost efficiency, usability, and man to car interface. Subtle tweaks alter the car’s look.

The current generation of the unstoppable G-Wagen arrived in 2018, and there’s an EV also in the pipeline too. But in line with Mercedes’ philosophy to cater for all buyer tastes, Mercedes and AMG have has had the dreaded scalpel out on the rest of the range.


G is Now Electrified by Benz’ 147 lb.-ft Mild Hybrid

The base model in markets where oil power is more popular is now the 3-litre straight-six turbodiesel G 450 d. It’s similar to the GLE we sampled a week or two back. Now boosted by Benz’ 48V mild hybrid Integrated Starter Generator, power is up 20 HP to 362. Twist is up significantly to 553 lb.-ft, earning the car its new 450 badge over the outgoing G 400 d.

The 3-litre turbo gas straight six G 550 likewise gains that mild hybrid boost from 420 to 440 HP. The AMG G 63 does not escape the scalpel either. The 4-litre biturbo V8 likewise earning itself that bonus 20 horse 48V electric motor-generator lurking in the gearbox. The rapper’s favourite now musters 585 HP and that extra 147 lb.-ft up to a grizzly 627.


Electrified AMG G 63 Now Even Stronger

The 63 also benefits a new AMG Active Ride Control suspension system in place of the hydro-mechanical torsion bars. Its dampers gain two hydraulic connections for a broader roll spring rate ,while also reducing rolling motion. So it will be more stable on-road without compromising off-road ability. On top of that, two new driving modes include Traction Pro in both road and sand modes to dig across sand dunes.

You will need to squint to see the new G-class styling changes. “We made sure the new G looks like the old G,” project manager Tony Mäntele pointed out. “Numerous small design changes boost both the efficiency and practicality.”


Aero Tweaks Make G Quieter in the Breeze

Take note of new front bumper and radiator grille, subtly rounded A-pillars, and the new windscreen leading edge lip. Both the latter to improve aero efficiency and reduce cabin noise. Inspired by the upcoming electric version. G-Class drag coefficient improves from 0.53 to 0.48. G retains its overwhelming off-road ability through 9-inch clearance, a 28-inch fording depth and 31 degree approach and 35 degree side incline angles.

Inside, the G-Class gains latest MBUX ‘Hey Mercedes’ infotainment. That means a touchscreen for the first time. It includes a lower-mounted self-washing front-facing bumper camera for better visibility of obstacles ,and a revamped off-road control centre. Also add keyless entry, wireless device charging and temperature-controlled cup holders.

Production starts soon, with the G550 and G63 set to reach US dealerships in the second half. Expect subtle price increases expected when they arrive.

Images: Mercedes-Benz

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