With the 2024 New York International Auto Show now over, what event is next? The 2024 Beijing Auto Show is currently happening and, of course, Buick is the popular American brand in the Chinese market. If you have found yourself wanting more from Buick’s stateside portfolio, hopefully these two Electra concepts can whet your hope even though there is absolutely no indication North American Buick dealerships will receive a production version of either.

Influenced by the Buick Wildcat show car from 2022, the Electra-L sedan and Electra-LT wagon concepts are the Buicks for which we’ve been pining. But, first, we’ve gotta ask: why the additional letters? Isn’t “Electra” enough for the Chinese, if not GM? Nevertheless, the concept that resonates with us is the Electra-LT because it looks quite smashing and, to be honest, we need more wagon love in the United States.

Before you read further, we should point out these concepts use GM’s Ultium EV architecture, so if the thought of instant torque makes you puke, please skip to the next article. But, if you’re one who can appreciate good design, if not one who has an interest in technology, then keep on reading. The Electra-L is powered by a 342-horse electric motor mounted at the rear, giving it a range of 435 miles—sounds stupendous, though China measures range differently so maybe not? The Electra-LT will have the same motor plus another in front for all-wheel drive, though Buick hasn’t provided any horsepower details.

The Electra-LT clearly has a sportier look and features several styling tricks to distinguish it from the Electra-L. Inside, they are mostly the same, featuring an augmented reality heads-up display so you can remain connected to your Internet world on the fly. Additionally, the infotainment system uses voice recognition and works in conjunction with AI.

2025 Buick Electra E5

Car and Driver logically opines that it’s unlikely the Electras will be sold here because of Buick’s current emphasis on SUVs, which will include the upcoming Electra E5 and the Envista SUV, the brand’s first EVs for the U.S. Yet one can only hope.

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