This week, Mitsubishi Motors announced its “Momentum 2023” 5-year plan for the North American market, and it includes two new vehicles, which will enter segments in which the company doesn’t currently compete. If you look at the hero image on the press release, which looks remarkably like the D:X concept revealed at the Japan Mobility Show 2023. Could this mean a Mitsubishi Delica PHEV is on its way Stateside?

What is the Mitsubishi D:X Concept?

According to Mitsubishi, the D:X concept is supposed to hint at the future of the Delica, which is a minivan or multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) sold in other parts of the world. This concept debuted alongside the Mitsubishi Triton pickup prototype, which has since become a production model outside the U.S. So, does this mean the D:X concept is destined for production, too? TBD, but the hero image for the 5-year plan, again, seems to support the theory.

So, what is this D:X Concept exactly? An MPV that utilizes a plug-in hybrid electric powertrain (think Outlander PHEV). It has Mitsubishi’s Super-All-Wheel-Control (S-AWC) system for all-weather and off-road conditions. It’s equipped with skid plates, sturdy over fenders, large tires and a glamping-inspired copper exterior paint.

Outside of that, we have pictures but no real details.

mitsubishi dx concept

The Mitsubishi D:X Concept revealed in 2023. (Photo courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors)

A Mitsubishi Delica PHEV?

If you look at the 55-plus-year history of the Delica, you see it was designed for “serious outdoor activities” as well as every-day use. It had a body-on-frame construction as well as four-wheel drive. In fact, Delica D:5 served as a support car in the 2007 Paris-Dakar Rally and 2023 Asia Cross Country Rally.

According to an Automotive News story, it’s a done deal that the sporty passenger van will be coming to the U.S. But it’s still unclear how much it will resemble the concept from 2023. But the Momentum 2030 plan definitely supports the idea that it will be a plug-in hybrid as the goal for the plan is to create “a path to electrification.”

The plan points to a new or completely refreshed vehicle being revealed in the North American market every year from 2026 to 2030. The Auto News article states a lifted Outlander crossover “rugged edition” and a small PHEV crossover will hit the market before the possible Mitsubishi Delica PHEV would arrive at the end of the decade.

The bottom line

Other than “minivan” and “electrified,” we don’t have many details about this vehicle. But we hope it will bear some resemblance to the bad-ass D:X Concept. What we do know coming out of the Momentum 2023 plan: Mitsubishi isn’t giving up on the American market.

We also still have hopes that the plan might include a pickup truck like the Triton – if not the Triton exactly.

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