As the Saturday edition of the Lakeland Winter Collector Car Auction 2022 progressed into the early afternoon, a 1964 Corvette Resto Mod Convertible became the highest priced classic collectible sold this weekend. The Lyndale Blue ’64 Corvette Custom with tube frame, Detroit Speed power steering and Vintage Air met reserve at $82,000. Then it proceeded to sell for $85,000 at the hammer. It was the most heavily bid upon collectible of the auction on Saturday, and was the high point of the day as Carlisle Auctions wrapped up their two-day auction sale in Lakeland, Florida. Earlier, a 2021 Lincoln Navigator became the high sale among late model offerings when it went for $97,000. The Lakeland Winter collector Car Auction was held at the Sun N Fun Expo, February 25-26, 2022. 

Here are some of the cars we were watching on Saturday.

We talked with the Carlisle Auction crew and found out they had a record number of consignments here for sale. And the crowd was amazing. There was a full house of bidders in the Sun N Fun Expo hangar on Friday. The excitement was high for this first Florida auction sale for 2022. 

Cars-On-Line was on hand to take the temperature of the collector car market and see what this Lakeland sale will tell us about collector car values for 2022. The expectation is that prices on classic and collectible cars will be escalating this year. You can watch the Saturday sale with us at the Lakeland Auction live stream on You Tube. Click here to access the live video stream.


On Friday, prices were inline with market prices. Here is what we watched sell here on Friday.


Bidding was active all day. The big action came in the middle of the afternoon as a staccato of top cars crossed the auction block. One thing we took away from the sale is that classic first generation Ford Mustang coupes are going up in value. For years the 1965 and 66 Mustang hardtops have languished in the $10,000 to $12,000 price range. But this weekend we saw several selling from between $20,000 and $27,000. Of course, Mustang convertibles and fastbacks have always carried a higher value. But it looks as though the coupes (hardtops) are catching up. 


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