Mercedes-Benz says its new electric G580 with EQ Technology will outperform its combustion-engined siblings in off-road driving.

Mercedes-Benz has trotted out its ‘uncompromised’ electric G580 with EQ Technology . The company pledges that the battery electric four-motor giant will outperform its combustion-engined siblings in off-road driving.

The biggest news is all under the skin. G580 with EQ Technology has four electric motors, one 145 HP unit powering each wheel. Combined, they deliver a maximum of 580 HP together with a mammoth 860 lb.-ft of torque. Specifically developed for the G580 with EQ Technology, each motor drives its own two-speed gearbox.


EQ Technology Developed to Meet Exacting G Specifications

“This unusual and highly complicated powertrain was developed specifically to meet the exacting specifications of the G division,” Mercedes-Benz G head of e-drive systems Manuel Urstöger explains. “It will not be used elsewhere in the Mercedes EQ line-up. “It was a tough project,” Urstöger reveals. ‘But we achieved all our targets and because of that it’s better than the combustion-engined G when going off-road.”

The G580 with EQ Technology shares its 116 kWh battery with the EQS. It can be fast-charged at speeds of up to 200 kW to deliver a claimed 292 mile range. Benz also promises excellent range in off road driving. The battery pack is protected by a special underride guard skid plate in off-road driving.

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G580 with EQ Technology ‘Unbeatable Off-Road’

1,169 pounds heavier than the G450d, the 6,750 lbs. G580 with EQ Technology retains the regular G-class independent front suspension, with a new rigid axle at the rear. It comprises of an integrated electric drive unit, and virtual rather than mechanical differential locks. For optimised torque vectoring.

0-60 mph is under five seconds while top speed is limited to 112mph. The real G580 with EQ Technology focus is however on off-road driving performance. Shiftable low-range makes for 100% gradeability and 35 degree side slope ability on certain surfaces. Sealed electric elements up fording depth by 100 mm to 850 mm. Limited only by the height of the charging port. The battery pack however sacrifices a little ride height.

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Uncompromised Electric Off-Road Ability

Three bespoke off-road functions include G-Turn to spin the monster SUV twice on the spot. G-Steering reduces the turning circle by pivoting around an individual wheel. Add a 1.2 mph off-road crawler function. The ‘transparent bonnet’ uses the front facing cameras show blind spots in the infotainment screen. And ‘G-Roar’ brings an ‘emotive sound experience’. “The G is still the G,” Urstöger concludes. “For us this powertrain is about offering uncompromised off-road ability.”

Virtually identical to the recently revealed G450d bar a new EQ grille, the new electric SUV also gets subtle EQ badges to set it apart. The electric version carries its extensive new aerodynamic tweaks over from its gas sibling. They include a new A-pillar design and a lip on the front roof tip for a quieter ride in the now far more silent EV. An aerodynamic new bonnet helps cut Cd down from .48 to .44. The traditional optional G-class tailgate spare wheel option can be replaced by a slick charging cable reel.

The all new G580 with EQ Technology also shifts Benz’ electric EQ naming strategy to now reflect that the G580 is simply a G-Class that happens to be battery powered. Expect the G580 with EQ Technology to slot between the G450d and the AMG G 63 on the range.

Photos: Mercedes-Benz

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