Mercedes-Benz is to revert its electric cars back to traditional model naming structures in the coming years as the first generation of its all-electric models come to the end of their life cycles. 

The German giant has used EQ to designate its EVs across eight models from EQA to EQS SUV, but the new electric G-Class marks a change in approach. Branded ‘G580 with EQ Technology’, rather than the previously touted Mercedes EQG that would follow the naming strategy, the electric G-Class sits alongside petrol, diesel and high-performance AMG models in one range of cars.

“EQ is the technical lead, future electric Mercedes-Benz won’t be EQ”, said Mercedes product manager Tobi Mantele. 

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The manufacturer is aware of the brand cache of cars such as the E-Class, and as electric cars are normalised as part of the model line-up, will revert to the traditional monikers of its petrol and diesel models. “EQ is the technical platform for the brand,” added a Mercedes spokesperson. “As soon as you go fully electric you wouldn’t want to drop a brand like S-Class.”

But Mercedes isn’t going all-in on electric just yet, promising further developments on plug-in hybrids in the near future, as well as 48-volt hybrid as a minimum on every petrol and diesel car.  

“We’re not throwing away other opportunities with our state-of-the-art ICE platforms,” added the spokesperson. “We have the best-performing PHEV according to range, and we’re updating those again.” 

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