Four electric motors are incorporated into the ladder-frame chassis for a combined 579bhp and 1,164Nm of torque. This allows for a 0-62mph time of 4.7 seconds and a 112mph top speed. 

As for range, the boxy shape of the G 580 means it can’t come close to the 511-mile range of the recently facelifted and super-aerodynamic EQS. The 4×4 gets a 293-mile maximum range, achieved by making subtle aerodynamic changes to the existing ICE version. Charging speeds are more impressive however, with a 200kW capacity able to recharge the battery from 10-80 per cent in 32 minutes. 

G-Class fans may notice the rear wheel housing looks a little small and thin. That’s not because Mercedes has skimped and started offering space saver tyres, but because it houses the 11kW onboard charging cables. You can, of course, spec a more traditional spare wheel here if you wish. 

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The pre-facelift Mercedes G-Class had a drag coefficient of 0.53Cd, but learnings during the EV’s development slashed that to 0.48Cd. The EV improves on things further with a blanked-off grille, new A-pillar covers, wheel arches and a higher bonnet, cutting the figure to just 0.44Cd.

Toni Mantele, Product Manager for the electric G-Class, told us, “We didn’t want a different vehicle in the eyes of the customers.” This explains the visual similarities to the petrol and diesel models. Although the EV might be more aerodynamically efficient, at 3.1 tonnes it’s significantly heavier than the regular 2.5-tonne G-Class. 

New Mercedes G 580 with EQ Technology: technology and specifications

Helping to ensure the electric G-Class is as robust as the ICE model, is a protective plate under the battery which can cope with five times the weight of the car. The battery is also waterproof, helping contribute to an 850mm wading depth – 150mm more than the regular car. Overall ground clearance is also better (250mm compared to 241mm) and the side angle matches the petrol G-Class at 35 degrees. 

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