No, bZ4X isn’t the name of one of Elon Musk’s children, but Toyota’s RAV4-sized electric car. In fact, it’s the first serious crack Toyota has had at a volume electric car (after short-lived dabbles with the RAV4 in the 1990s, and a limited run of electric iQ city cars around a decade ago), and it’s not a bad effort to kick things off.

Get past the unusual name and the polarising styling, and you’re essentially looking at a mid-size SUV with a comfortable cabin, tidy driving characteristics, and a pretty reasonable range, with front-wheel drive variants capable of a claimed 317 miles. The cabin is a bit odd, with a low-set steering wheel similar to some Peugeots, but the usual Toyota quality is there.

One of the bZ4X’s problems is a high list price, though with Toyota currently offering 0 per cent finance on the model, it may be more affordable than you expect, even for the top-spec Vision here. You get a £500 deposit contribution as a sweetener too, matching the monthly payments over the 36-month term.

Check out the deal here.

Vauxhall Corsa

  • Model: Corsa GS 1.2 Turbo
  • List price: £23,505
  • Deposit: £7,051.50
  • Monthly payments: £171.45
  • Number of payments: 23
  • APR: 0%
  • Optional final payment: £12,510

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