Another year, another new Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro exclusive color. Except, unlike every other year since 2015 (!), the new color brings with it … well, an entirely new Toyota 4Runner. We’ve written a whole lot about the new 2025 4Runner, covering a rundown of the new vehicle’s features, how it compares against its more expensive Land Cruiser sibling in its various off-road-themed trim levels and a deeper dive into the new Trailhunter trim level.

We suspect interested parties looking for all the information they can get on the new 2025 4Runner will find what they are looking for in those above links. But if you just want to see all the special colors the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro has offered through the years, well, have we got what you need to scratch that very specific itch. All you gotta do is scroll.

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro colors from 2015-2025:

2015: Inferno

2016: Quicksand

2017: Cement

2018: Cavalry Blue

2019: Voodoo Blue

2020: Army Green

2021: Lunar Rock

2022: Lime Rush

2023 Solar Octane

2024 Terra

2025 Mudbath

Yep, that’s the new one right above. 

The 2025 4Runner TRD Pro benefits from a 2.5-inch lift, courtesy Fox shocks with adjustable reservoirs. These are intended more for higher-speed desert running, whereas the Old Man Emu shocks on the Trailhunter are meant to sustain heavier curb weights while rock crawling. The TRD Pro comes standard with the same 33-inch tires as the Trailhunter (the biggest ever offered on the 4Runner) but with different TRD tires in black. Like the Trailhunter, the TRD Pro gets manually disconnecting stabilizer bar standard (the awesome KDSS system the old 4Runner offered on certain trim levels is no longer available), plus a stance that’s a whopping 3 inches wider than the last-generation TRD Pro.

You might also notice the new 4Runner TRD Pro lacks a big-old roof rack. Toyota tells us it doesn’t think there will be a great demand for it — those seeking extra roof capability will probably gravitate to the Trailhunter.

The color you see here is called Mudbath, and our own James Riswick confirmed with Toyota representatives that it is indeed the special TRD Pro color that will be offered on various 2025 models.

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